By: Todd

Dream Reality Poetry

****Poetry and Mental Health, “Self-Help” Books****

I just wanted to let everyone know that all the money I make from the book sales which is only $0.69 cents per book sold, (due to the low price I sell them at) goes right back into giving away the self-help books for free.  So please buy more and spread the word.  Help me help others.

These are all book I wrote.  Most of this is from stuff and people in my life.  Each book is only $4.99 through amazon.  Links are provided.  Thank you for checking this out and I hope you enjoy that books.  Keep checking back and more books are definitely coming…

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The series is called … The Road of:

1 – Love and Friendship:

Poetry: This is book 1 in the trilogy. In this book I hope that you find love, strength, healing and friendship. Some of the truest forms of things you can find.  I hope as you take time to read it, it challenges you and helps you change your life in a healthy way.


2 – Pain and Anguish:

Poetry: In book 2 in the trilogy, I hope you learn that there is pain everywhere from every source.  Rather it’s on purpose or not, it’s there.  You are not alone in this.  Reach out and overcome it.  I dare you!!  Remember, it will get better.


3 – Spirituality and Wellness:

Poetry: In book 3 of the trilogy, I hope that you will find that God is there for you no matter what.  You will see how I find and see Him, without being pushy about my beliefs.  He is all around and in every aspect of our lives.  I also hope that it will make your faith stronger, your heart open and your relationship with God better.


4 – Rainbow Dreams:

Poetry: In this book you will find poems about different people from different aspects of the LGBT+ community (from my limited understand of some of them).


5 – Motivation

Poetry: Everyone needs to be lifted up sometimes.  My hope, is with the poems and pictures here in this book, it will do just that.  And do it again and again.  Read, enjoy and keep coming back for more.


6 – Missing you
Poetry: Everyone missing someone or something.  We all do it and it’s a blessing and a curse.  Here I hope you will find poems that bring back good memories of those people (or whatever) that you miss.  Cherrish those memories.  It’s all we got, sometimes.
7 – Getting Through it
Poetry: Life can be tough. We will always come across situations or times in are life when we just need to push through it and get to the other side.  Well, here in this book I hope you can find some poems that will help you do just that.
8 – Managing Your Anxiety
Self-help: Anxiety is both good and bad.  But controlling it is the key.  Here is my journey on how I did just that.  I hope you can find helpful ways and things to help you on your journey. Just remember 1% better today, then yesterday.
9 – My Cup’aq
Poetry: This book is filled with poems about me and my husband.  The love of my life. This book is dedicated to him.  He is an Alaska native from the Yup’ik tribe.  I used some Yup’ik words in this book but don’t worry, at the bottom of the page is the Yup’ik word and its English translation.
10 – Managing ADHD
Self-help: I wanted to write this book for a few reasons.  To help people understand ADHD and people with it and how to manage it.  Along with how to help ADHD people with their ADHD and how I manage mine.  I also added some information about myself and things I deal with on a daily basis.  My next book will dive into all of that.
(This space is for book 11) **Still writing it**
12 – Getting to know me
Self-help:  I talked with my therapist about the idea of me writing a book about me and everything I deal with on a daily basis.  You will find that in this book, but also how it affects me and how I manage what I deal with.  It’s a window into my life, like no one has ever been able to see.  I hope you find hope and strength for yourself and maybe those around you too.  Never give up on, YOU!!
13 – Better Communication
Self-help:  Communication isn’t perfect, and no one is perfect at it.  I just hope that within the pages of this book you will find way to better your communication.  I hope you find way to better communicate with not only those around you, but yourself too.  And in doing so, you will better yourself and those around you. “How did we go from handshakes and hugs to fist bumps and head nods?” 
14 – Being 1% Better
Journaling:  In this book, there is one question every day all year.  You will answer the same question for each day of the month, every month.  I hope it will help you become 1% better today, than you were yesterday.  Also, help others do the same.  Be an example to those around you.
 15 – The Road of: The glass being full of poison & The Road of: Self-talk

(This book is dedicated to my Papa, who gave me the words that inspired it … Love you, Papa!!)

Self-Help: This is 2 books in 1 cover- In book 1 I hope you will learn how destructive negative thoughts are and how to counter them. And in book 2, I hope you learn how important of a tool self-talk is and how to use it.


16 – The Road of: Power words

Self Help: In this book I hope that you will gain a better understanding of of words and the power behind them.  Realize the power we have took from them and start using them with meaning again.